Joe Love

Curriculum Vitae
+44 7545 499668

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After exploring London for over ten years, I now live in Bristol and work in a hybrid remote environment. I spend my days solving problems by creating software and hardware solutions using a wide range of technologies.

I've worked with companies in the UK, Europe and the US, built several enterprise-level products both as an engineering manager and individual contributor, and ideated, architected and implemented systems and processes as a technical consultant and project lead.

In my next role I hope to find an ethically-minded company with exciting challenges, continue to cultivate my technological knowledge, and work with an exceptional and welcoming team.

Core Technologies

  • TypeScriptJavaScriptES.NextBabel
  • ReactReact NativeReduxWebpack
  • Next.jsGraphQLApolloNestJS
  • Node.jsExpressKoaFastify
  • JestMochaChaiSinon
  • TerraformDockerAWSAzure
  • PostgresMongoDBMongooseCosmos
  • RubyRailsRSpecCapybara
  • PythonTensorFlowOpenCV



SAPI Group

Principal Engineer

I joined SAPI as a Principal Engineer to oversee the creation of a brand new product offering for the company. I was responsible for architecture, technical approach and hiring and training new staff. During my time with the company we grew from a single permenant developer to a large cross-functional team.


Tech Lead

I joined Curve as a Tech Lead to manage their Credit Web initiative. During my time at Curve, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the company and work with Product and the company directors to create a proof-of-concept for a groundbreaking application infrastructure.


Principal Engineer

Principal Engineer at a disruptive telecoms technology start-up based in London. I was responsible for the development of: the Enterprise and Customer Support web portals, written in TypeScript and React; the iOS and Android apps, written in Swift and Kotlin respectively; and several key backend systems and services written using a variety of languages and cloud technologies. I was a key member of the core team that took the product from the early ideation and product design phase through to a fully-featured, highly-stable and profitable customer offering.


Tech Lead

Technical Lead for an international digital consultancy based in London and specialising in product design and development. I pride myself on my pragmatic, technology-agnostic approach to software engineering and strive to strike an ideal balance of idiomatic, tried-and-tested best practices and exciting new technologies.


Development Lead

Development Team Lead for a software house providing web experiences using React for prominent clients including the largest department store in South America and a financial trust with over $10 billion in assets.